Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Introducing The Nokia Maps Everest Test

Welcome to my Blog. Above is a 4 minute showreel. This is probably the best way to see what The Nokia Maps Everest Test was all about.

This was made for us by Captive Minds, our PR company and was played to everyone on our last night together in Kathmandu. We had been in the Himalayan wilderness for 16 days and had no idea what impact our expedition had had on the outside world.

The showreel shows just a snapshot of the global news coverage we garnered during the build-up and actually during the event. The coverage we recieved was a great reward for all the hard work we'd all put in, but the real pay-off was in spending a year of our lives getting to know each other, training, planning and fund-raising, and then 18 days together in the most amazing setting, doing something truly special.

In the posts on this blog you'll see the planning and execution of this expedition from my point of view. We had some dark times, for sure, but we also had some amazing high's. All in all this is something of which I am truly proud, but there were 50 people involved and everyone played their part. Some played more of a part than others, and they know who they are.

There's plenty more up my sleave where this came from, so please keep an eye on here for future sporting adventures.

Please enjoy the blog. Some of the photos are courtesy of expedition photographer George Powell (TG Photography) and the footage is courtesy of ITV reporter Mark Jordan and Captive Minds.

Thanks also to our sponsors and partners: Nokia, Qatar Airways, Peace Nepal Treks, MKK Sports, Gray Nichols, Flicx Wickets, The North Face, Surrey Cricket Club, MCC / Lord's, ITN London Tonight, Cricket World Magazine,

Many thanks to all involved, and well done!


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